Software Instruction Manual

System Requirements:

  1. Minimum windows 10 and above required to run the software properly.
  2. Good quality internet speed is required to run the software.

Software setup instructions:

After logging in the software , first you have to set the coordinate value.

To detect the coordinate click on “Find Coordinate” button. The software for getting the coordinates will appear, next you have to open the roulette game and select the view in which you want to set the coordinates, we prefer classic view mode. Now, we have to click on set coordinate II button then the set coordinate box will pop up, there you have to put the value starting from 0 to 36.

To get the coordinates click on the get position button and place the mouse pointer at the center of the number whose coordinate you want for example you selected 3 and placed the mouse pointer accordingly, the coordinates of 3 will appear on the get position software, you then have to note that value and put it in the coordinate posting box, lets say the values are ” Point(x=282,y=670) ” then you have to put the values in the set coordinate box 282,670, in this way you have to set the coordinates from 0 to 36 and then click on the save button three times, a pop up will appear soon after where you have to select ok.

After saving the coordinates you have to close the roulette software completely then you have to log in again to validate the coordinates. Once you do this process, our roulette software will get ready for bet placing.

Now, in the “Enter number” box you have to enter the last 3 played numbers serially to validate software , after this software  gets validated it will turn yellow. Lastly you have to put the last played number in the “Enter number” box and click on submit, after submitting click on the “Software ”, a bet placing pop up will open, there will be three options A. Place bet B. Yes C. No, if you click on place bet or yes the bet will get placed automatically.

Playing Instructions:

The software can be used in two ways for getting the best results.
1. First check the list of game history and see if the number that played is in serially or not. If that number played serially, please place the bet. If the number didn’t play serially don’t place the bet. Don’t Place the bets until it starts playing serially. And if the bet doesn’t come then wait and keep checking the list, now when you see the last played number is in the serial list again, start placing bets again. ***(By serially, I meant for example suppose last played number is 2, 25, 0, 5, 16, 33 here the numbers 2, 25, 0 came from voisins section from the wheel and 5, 16, 33 came from orpelins and tiers section, This means it is playing serially on the other hand if last played numbers are 0, 19, 6, 3, 11, 13 here 0 and 19 is played from voisins section, 6 played from orpelins, 3 played from voisins section, 11 and 13 are played from orpelins section. Here the sections are frequently changing, it means it is not playing serially. )***

2. Normally maximum losing chance in this software is two to three times but if it loses 4 times continuously then you have to stop playing for 15 spins, and start playing after that. The algorithm in this software is set that way to prevent maximum loss.

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